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Server Monitoring Services

Though you have spent a lot in creating your own website and to monitor your website, its 24*7 working is still unsure and if that’s happening, it can become a fairly huge problem such as: • If your website is regularly facing downtime issues, how can your clients or customers can trust you with their business, which leads to an unreliable service and that’s very bad for your business. • What if your website is down and there are plenty of customers waiting purchase your products or service at that particular timing. It’ll not only cost you money but will effect your customer base also • Major search engines will find it difficult to index your website in its result page if it’s regularly down. Your business will see a huge downfall among the search engine rankings within your competitors. You might have opted for a hosting server that provide you uptime throughout the day and night, but that doesn’t mean they are strictly following their rules. So, it’s important to avoid loss of business. That’s where you can find Fernweh DomainEnroll helping you with special Server Monitoring tools and services to ensure you’re getting the services you are paying for to protect any unfortunate consequences.DomainEnroll's service level monitoring ensures that services are running in the servers properly. Get monthly reports with details of downtime of each services being monitored.

Uptime & Downtime Monitoring

There's nothing more humiliating in Business when you have to face a customer saying your website is down for a while. Let this not happen to you, we cannot always choose a safe future but when we can, why miss it? With DomainEnroll's Server Monitoring Services we don't just send you sms or email we will do everything we can to rectify the error and notify you on call at the same time. So you don't embarrass yourself when customer tells you that your server is down,