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What is The Waitress

The Waitress is a software and hardware bundle that helps taking orders in a restaurant automatically and bill automatically. It will increase the delivery speed of orders and make things really simple and easy. Customers can place order directly without waiting for the waiter to come and the moment a customer places an order it is received in kitchen.

Who can use The Waitress

The Waitress can be used at

  • restaurants,
  • cafes,
  • ice-cream parlors,
  • bakeries,
  • bars
and places as such.

How can we benefit from The Waitress

The Waitress lets you reduce the total work load and this is very helpful in reducing the human effort to manage and run your business. You can save lot of human resources and use them effectively for other creative works. And if you think from the customer perspective, most of the customers don't like it when waiters watch them eat or drink. Moreover it's nice to find and order their favorite dish on a nice touchscreen interface rather than turning pages.

What are the different versions of The Waitress

Currently there is only one developed version of The Waitress which can be used in two ways completely automated or partially automated. With partially automated waiters order using handheld devices, this is helpful when customers are less techy. You can always ask for customization on the current version.