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CRM & Sales Monitoring

At DomainEnroll, we offer Customer Relationship Management & Sales Monitoring system to help our clients to manage their relationships and interactions with potential customers. The main goal of CRM system is to improve the business relationships. Our Customer Relationship Management system works more efficiently so that you can save a lot of time & even lets you to store customer and prospect contact information, identifying sales opportunities, sales funnel tracking, managing productivity and marketing campaigns i.e., all-in-one-platform.

CRM System provides a central place where we can store customer and prospect data, tracking customer interactions, and sharing information with colleagues. CRM tool is used to practice strategies and technologies and customer relationships to increase sales. It is easier to collaborate and increase productivity when data is visible and easily accessible. You can have a 360º view of your business with our Lead Manager App.


You could use an old Excel spreadsheet to keep track of:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Mobile Number
  • Website
  • Address
  • Customer Type
  • Date of Purchase


With our CRM system you can track all of these plus:-

  • Trigger-based Lead Scoring
  • Company Size
  • Multiple Contacts Within An Organisation
  • Notes History
  • Current Sales Funnel Stage
  • Report Generation


And Many More!

The best CRM software displays how hot or cold a lead is at a glance. The more you love your CRM with data, the more it loves you back.