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Replacing Humans


Artificial intelligence and machine learning were not about replacing Humans, but it always received such an impression. But there are some interesting advancements towards replacing or at least mimicking human behaviour. The developments are fascinating and terrifying at the same time.

We now actively see and comes across different AI technologies in our day to day life knowingly or unknowingly. Face detecting cameras are getting popular now, which can log people coming in and going out automatically, identify unknown faces. Google assistant is one of the most popular to adopt AI and machine learning, they fascinated the world by making an appointment call like humans by the virtual assistant. Yet another groundbreaking innovation is by Tesla Motors, who made self-driving cars, but those outside the US are not much aware of it to a great extent. Even within the country, there were lots of haters and some mob attacked self-driving cars, which is a clear translation that these developments scare people. May be films like “I, Robot” have contributed to it, but research also shows proof that it may go out of hand. Every technology can be used for both good and bad, it’s important to stay on the safe and positive side.

Internet of things

The next decade is going to be a revolution for electrical devices. Remember the evolution of computers in the 80s and 90s? Now it’s the time for electrical devices to get smarter. In the last several years the there was no major development in the electrical devices we use everyday, right now we have started moving towards making smart devices however for most people it’s still dope tech and ridiculously expensive. In the coming years it’s going to change and they are going to be in every household, so you’ll be able to control it from smartphone anywhere in the world, apart from that you’ll be able to monitor the usage, avoid wastage of electricity and improve the overall lifestyle.

So how a device get smarter? right now you just supply electricity and it works, but from now on you will be able to ask about its status and change it if you want. Let’s say you want to control lighting in your room, you can ask the light weather it is on or off and dim or brighten up if you want the light will respond to your commands and provide feedback for each. Similarly with air conditioning, you can set the temperature and control the air flow. So when you are leaving from the office you can turn on the AC at home and set it to the desired temperature so it’s nice and cozy before you arrive. When you’re brushing you can turn on the coffee machine. The benefits of IoT are endless. At DomainEnroll we are helping companies to develop IoT enabled devices. We are happy that we’re part of the revolution.

Disable USB Drives without disabling usb ports

Talking about office security, USB Ports are extremely useful and harmful at the same time just like a double edged sword. Why should you disable USB Drives?

  • Malware infection
  • Unauthorized data transfers
  • Unauthorized execution of programs
  • Prevent leakage of confidential files and information
  • Watching movies / video clips in office


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